Massage Treatments

Pain Relief

Medical Massage acts on the body to dissolve chronic muscle pain and dysfunction, and increase range of motion. The therapy is tailored to your individual needs and is targeted toward correcting the issue that is causing the pain with moderate to deep pressure and is not a full body massage.

60 or 80 minute sessions


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Therapeutic Relaxation


Relieving pain, reducing stress, and addressing a particular muscular issue are some of the benefits of this full-body massage.  Comfort based pressure level is used to promote deep relaxation and well being.


60 or 80 minute sessions


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Assisted Stretch Massage 

Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts

Injury prevention and flexibility is the key to a successful  training program. This relaxing technique is a fully clothed massage.  It will stretch and lengthen muscles as well as increase range of motion creating greater flexibility.  It will aid in recovery from exercise and decrease chances of injury. Even if you are not an athlete this massage will reduce compression in the spine and help reduce overall body pain.  These techniques can also be added to your clinical massage.  Wear comfortable athletic clothing to your appointment.

60 minute session $80

Medical Massage

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Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is a light touch therapy that focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of pregnancy. It improves circulation and relieves mental and physical fatigue.  This relaxing service is done while you are comfortably relaxing on your side with  supporting pillows. 


*All prenatal massage must have a note from their doctor before their first appointment.  

60 minute session - $80