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How Medical Massage is different from Spa Massage

When I explain to people that I am a medical massage therapist they often look confused. Isn't all massage the same?

There is, in fact, a difference. In both types there is kneading of the muscles of the body. A medical massage differs in a few different ways:

  1. While a full-body spa massage is great for relaxation and circulation, a Medical massage is outcome-based, meaning that, in addition to providing stress and relaxation, it targets a medical need. It can be helpful to manage pain, relieve nerve compression, increase range of motion, and flexibility.

  2. They use different techniques. A medical massage therapist will focus on using manual therapy techniques to release your muscles and fascia that are causing the pain and not necessarily where you feel the pain.

  3. A medical massage targets specific areas of the body that are causing the pain as opposed to a full body massage.

  4. A medical massage therapist will offer a follow-up treatment plan and if they are qualified, some stretches.

  5. During a medical massage a therapist may use myofascial scraping and cupping.

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